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We have all seen it… We have been pitched, cold called, cold messaged… and we are all wondering…

What is SEO going to do for my business? 


Is this company really going to produce the result they are claiming?

In this short article, we will expose some of the most frequently used FALSE information SEO marketing agencies are using to get your $500+ a month commitment.

3 Lies that are getting you to swipe your card and PAY


Other SEO Company:  SEO is something that needs to be done every month.


CBM: SEO, when properly implemented, can be done 1 time. For 1 Flat Fee. You can add more SEO, but it is not necessary to change previously achieved SEO.


Other SEO Company: When you tell us about your business, we can make the best keyword selections, add them as your titles and do what’s necessary to help you rank your pages on google.


CBM: This is a tactic used by companies to avoid doing the proper research necessary. The easiest way to see if your current SEO marketing management company is doing things correctly-

Take the very first title of your website- and place it in Trends.Google.Com.  You will see exactly how consumers are searching for the SEO title your “management agency” selected for you.

Oftentimes they simply do not research for you. They take what you say and just pick those words because you are familiar with them and that causes you to psychologically be more ok with that selection. 


Other SEO Company: We guarantee your business being on the first page of Google. 


CBM: No one can genuinely and honestly make this offer. The truth is that Google to an extent has the power to pick and choose what is rewarded with higher ranking or not. There’s a ton of variables that go into this decision. And please remember, the PAID Google ads will ALWAYS be listed ahead of unpaid websites and weblinks.

SEO Scoring: Where Are You Losing Rank Points?

  • Domain Name: (yes… most likely your domain name is not what consumers naturally search for so it will lose a point in their ranking system. Domains are also the first line of code read by a bot when it finds the site. It’s the gateway to information. 
  • H1 Titles: if your title is not a key search word or combination statement that consumers are searching for, you will lose ranking points. 
  • Active Vs Passive Voice: Any statements that could mean “maybe” are not liked by the google ranking bots. They want definitive solutions that are 100% yes or 100% No. When you use language that is confusing to the consumers we call “weasel words”, google will read that as “not a definitive solution”. People want answers, and solutions, if you give them those with definitive answers, google rewards that with better ranking.
  • Keyword density: how often you use the key words your consumers are searching for in the text of the site. Typically google likes pages that have more than 400 words on the page to read for context.
  • Page Vs Post: Web pages of your site are ranked according to how well they solve a problem. Web posts are ranked in regards to how well your information answers a question. Both can be Search Engine Optimized and both can benefit your ranking.
  • Readability: How well your sentences are structured and written, can impact SEO. If you are using difficult words, and not enough transition words or separating paragraphs into bite size pieces, your SEO score will go down.

While agencies are continually crafting lucrative ways to keep your money in their pockets, we believe that a one time build out fee is ideal for business owners. 

This keeps results tangible, and allows your business to reduce a monthly expense that is simply not necessary.

 We hope everyone is successful and that this article helps you in your journey of increasing your website’s organic traffic.

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