Email Marketing

Constant communication drives results. It starts with building a relationship with your avatar clients. Email marketing strategies are the gateway to building relationships respectful of time, importance and value with current or future customers.

Professional Email Solutions

If your system is built, we can jump right into our commission based marketing agreements. If not, we bill hourly starting at $100/hour to build systems that will function automatically. We use Keap Pro (Infusionsoft Classic), WordPress Websites and Memberium (for membership related business). While there are different platforms like Mail Chimp, Convert Kit, Constank Contact, GHL and many more…. we choose Keap Pro or Infusionsoft Classic as our preferred email management system. Let’s face it… Most business owners are not going to shell out 25k for sales force integration… We know this, and have a variety of soft-wares that will bridge the gap between your automated process systems. We have also tested, used and integrated most of these soft-wares along the way!

  We look forward to speaking with you about email marketing.


We build the automated system that keeps consumers engaged. (Per Hour Service)

Marketing, Special Offers, Events, New Product Release, Weekly/Monthly Articles & More.

Multiple Emails Sent in specific times or based off of key interactions within the email.

Work existing list or campaign to build a bigger list

Earn the attention of current or future clients.

Safely Transact Direct Offers with "Purchase Now" Power.

Why choose us

Our commission based marketing option is only for emails that will prompt a direct sale or paid scheduled appointment. Any messages that do not produce profit are billed at our hourly rate of $200/hour.

E~mail marketing can be a challenge, it is an art form that is developed over time. From the best subject line, to proper format, each area must be fine-tuned to create conversions. 

Many business owners experience  low “open rates”. This is caused by simple mistakes made over time and eventually leads consumers away from wanting a relationship with your products or services. The good news is that with the right message, we will re-build those relationships and create new ones!

Now that you are ready to “squeeze” the current list, or run a campaign to grow a new list, click on the red button and get qualified. This helps us start our conversation at the highest level possible & saves both of us a ton of time!

We write and send the message using your CRM Software Tool.

We only get supplemental pay for campaigns that succeed.

Remote Work With Dedicated Team

Technical Support for Keap Pro Clients

We track profit growth from the baseline of previous 6-12 months of sales history.