Public Relations Services
Nothing brings trust to brands like public relations. When a brand needs trust, a PR program always makes sense

Press Releases

Today, press releases are used to communicate company news including new contracts, funding, anniversaries, new hires, new products/services, etc.  

Estimated cost = $1,000 per release (includes newswire distribution costs)

Mat Releases
These are guaranteed placement syndicated feature stories written by us and placed on a syndication network resulting in 2,500+ news stories from credible news outlets.  

Estimated cost
= $6,000
Proactive PR Pitching/Media Relations
This is where we take your story to the right media and attempt to generate earned media coverage (not paid). 
Estimated cost = monthly retainer from $2-6K per month
Product Reviews/Influencers
Where the PR team identifies and pitches reviewers/influencers to review your products often in exchange for the product or their individual posting fees.  
Estimated cost = usually included as part of monthly PR retainer.

Get The Tools For Media Placement

Spin Your Story Into The Main-Stream Narratives

Layer Multiple PR Placements

Reach Consumers Localy and Globaly

Float To The Top Of Your Niche As A Verified Expert

Protect Your Brand & Messaging


Why choose our Public Relations Services?

With thousands of marketing messages being received by audiences daily, customers can easily be confused or severly lacking in trust.

With professional branding/marketing and PR services, top companies including b2b professional services, non-profits, ecommerce and traditional business models will be able to grow their businesses into trusted, beloved brands and feel like winners at marketing!


Create A Clear Brand Story

Pitch To Local Media

Email, Direct Mail, FB, Google, Youtube, Hulu, TV, Billboards, Influencers, Podcasts, Radio, Blogs, Magazines, Newspapers.

We take a comprehensive approach to your business.

We are success partners, not the next guru, coach or consultant.