Our Marketing Plans

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Commission Based Marketing Plans

 Affordable marketing solutions for your business needs.

Monthly Plan

Starting At $2,500 Monthly Fee


Your Marketing Budget


15-25% Commission On Individual Ad Campaign Based On Successful Sales Conversions.


6 Month Plan

Starting At $1,200 Monthly Fee


Your Marketing Budget


10-20% Commission On Individual Ad Campaign Based On Successful Sales Conversions

Annual Plan

Starting At $1,000 Monthly Fee
Your Marketing Budget


1-10% Commission On Individual Ad Campaign Based On Successful Sales Conversions


(Some industries require customized plans that are not commission based due to State and Federal legalities.)

Custom Plan

 For clients needing alternative marketing management services, our team can operate as a done-for-you agency with fixed pricing per service requested.

All Plans Include:

1. Copywriting for Ads

2. Creative Directing/ Consulting

3. Up to 3 Ad Platforms Of Your Choice

4. Marketing Budget Management

5. Market Plan & Implementation

(We do not produce video content for commercials needed, this is an added service that is billed according to your video production needs.)

These Businesses Qualify!

  • Naturopathic Medicine
  • Unique Patented Products
  • Service Based Businesses: Landscapers, Construction, HVAC, Plumbers, Electricians, Auto Repair/Services.
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Operations
  • Health And Fitness Centers
  • Dentists

These Businesses Do Not Qualify. (See Customized Options)

  • Network Marketing Companies
  • Multi-Level Marketing
  • Affiliate Programs
  • Drop-Shipping E-commerce
  • Traditional Allopathic Medicine
  • Life/Health Coaches
  • Shopify Store Owners, (CLICK HERE)

For Qualified Business Owners We Provide Local, National & International Marketing Management Services For The Following Platforms:

Google Ad's

We find the best states/regions and audience demographics to help you reach consumers ready to make a purchase.

  • Market Analysis
  • Key Word Analysis
  • Budget Managment
  • CopyWriting
FB Ad's

Facebook is a “Passive Marketing Platform”. This means there are extra steps involved in creating conversions. First we market to identify your audience, then, we re-market to that audience attempting to achieve conversions and sales.

  • Identify Target Audience
  • Re-Market To Audience
  • Multi-Step Marketing Process
  • Double-Budget Required

With credential access and your permission we can help you set up campaigns for your product, service or uniqe offer. Discover which platform converts the best for your business. 

Email Marketing

From the subject line to the final salutation. Our team will craft the perfect email campaign for your existing list.

  • Email List Building Campaigns
  • Customer Re-Engagement Campaigns
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Up-Sale Campaigns
  • Time Sensitive Campaigns

Customers must be willing to create high quality video commercials for this platform. We have the team to make it happen and guide you through the process.

Click Here To Meet Our Video Production Team

Traditional Marketing
  • TV Commercial Ads (Cox, Comcast, Local TV Stations)
  • Radio Advertisment
  • Public Relations
  • Billboard
  • Direct Mail