SEO For Your Business Website

(A practical approach for improving your Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the hot topic for many business owners who are not happy with the “deal of the day” from that aggressive marketing agency constantly reaching out to sell them their services.

While those agencies do provide SEO service, there are many things you can do on your own to increase the SEO of your website

The best part is….

 You can do these without spending a dime! 

In the following chapters of the SEO Bible, you will learn the best practices we use here at Commission Based Marketing. Find the section that you want to work on, and dive in! If you need help, don’t hesitate to reach out and discuss your SEO project needs with one of our experts.

Key-Word Research: The starting point for SEO that works.

SEO For Your Home Page:

(Achieving better conversions & Increasing Search Engine Optimization)

Have you ever walked up to a business and saw something listed on the door.. and decided with that one look… “NOPE! I am not going in there”.

For some, it’s a restaurant with a menu on the door that doesn’t look appealing, for others it could be the transparent pricing is outside of their intentional spending limits.(No value being built from the first encounter.)

The key to a great doorway or your Homepage is….



For SEO purposes. It’s simple.

If the words you are using on your business website are NOT the words consumers are searching for… you will NOT be found easily.

The big bright warning sign to this occurring in your business is that you have to advertise to generate business growth.

SEO is the organic way to ensure brand awareness in the modern world of digital solutions.

The internet search engines are constantly searching for the best services, solutions and answers for consumer search queries. 

Get Your Website To Rank For Consumer Search Results

Make your website the best solution, service and answer for those searches and watch consumers say YES

The Problem

What you have written in your titles and text, is NOT what consumers are looking for.


(When you use direct key word matches with consumer searches, you will increase the similarity of your page and their question or request.)

Consider only having these things on your front page:

  • Keyword headline(H1)
  • Value producing sub heading(H2)
  • 500 total words on the page
  • Risk reducing Subheadings(H3,4,5)
  • An easy way to schedule or call
  • Verified reviews

We know SEO can be a huge overwhelming challenge. We also know that signing up for a continual expense like “SEO Management” is a huge expense over the long term path of your business. (Imagine what they charge when your site gets to 20 pages.. 40.. 60…💸💸💸…. 

SO… if you’re looking for a team that can help you complete SEO for a one time expense, let’s start the conversation!


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Get Step By Step Guides For SEO

Inside The SEO Bible you will find chapters for every way to integrate SEO. From video, social media, images and backlinks, to copywriting secretes that google rewards. Learn from a company that has proven results for clients in a variety of business categories. Stop your ad spend and implement these strategies to increase traffic up to 200% from your current baseline anaylitics.

Strategies, Tools and Support Along the Way

We know there are so many questions. The SEO Bible answers A LOT of them. If you have more, we are available during our virtual office hours Tuesday 10am MST on Meetn. You can also send us an email to


By:Christopher Lengyel