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Tray Goodman

Tray takes what he refers to as a “non-lateral,” approach to storytelling, understanding that the most comprehensive translation of our world involves not just looking backwards and forwards, but also looking outward and inward. Reflection upon the past and anticipation of what is to come are the critical scaffolding of our shared experiences, but aspiration and introspection are the dimensions that engender our most authentic truths.

Chad Braker

Production Manager & 1st AD, have had the privilege to work on various productions running from Live TV Broadcast, TV Show’s, Feature Film and National Commercial productions. Most productions, his talents lie handling the pre-production with the producers, director and crew, as well as assigning and scheduling Talent, and production days. The past several years has had the privilege to be a part of three feature films working in positions of 1st Assistant Director and Production Manager. Really just enjoys the team atmosphere each production brings, and creating something with a crew and cast.

Rusty Case

Rusty now lives in Phoenix where he is a producer for the Phoenix Independent Film Makers Group and a business consultant and independent commercial underwriter. Rusty has worked on many high profile Visual FX movies including The “Matrix II & III”, “Spiderman”, “Cast Away”, “The Hollowman”, “Stuart Little”, “Godzilla”, “Contact”, “Starship Troopers”, “Ghost and the Darkness” and “Judge Dredd” to name a few. Rusty has most recently been a producer/director on “Girl, Wired!” and “KGooG,”and is in
development on a number of features and series including the reality show
comedy “That’s So Boulder!”

Sam Erdmann

Sam believes communication and teamwork is key to a great production. Big or small. She loves to learn and teach others why film has been and will continue to be her passion. Sam’s most recent production was GCM own feature length documentary called “#HatersMakeMeFamous” where she acted as co-producer, co-director and worked as the Director of Photography. 

Katrina Palminsano

Katrina Palmisano earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Grand Canyon University in Film Production and has found her niche in the world of post-production. Affectionately known as “Hurricane” on set, she’s the whirlwind that wears many hats. Her work includes a wide spectrum of projects from commercials and corporate videos to television shows, music videos, and documentaries.

Tamara McDaniel

Tamara McDaniel – Producer/Production Manager/Casting Director/VO artist. Tamara McDaniel is a Phoenix-based producer, production manager, casting director, actress and voice over artist, as well as the founder of the award-winning Phoenix Independent Film Makers Group (PIFMG).

Aaron Falvey

Aaron Falvey is an award-winning Director and Producer who was born and raised in Blenheim, New Zealand. He has been passionate about film-making since the age of nine when his friend’s parents bought a handy-cam, and Aaron and his friends spent their weekends making short home movies. Ever since then Aaron has been inspired to become a film director.

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