Integrating Google Site Kit On WordPress

In this article, we give step by step instructions on how to integrate google site kit plug in for WordPress.

 Step By Step Instructions for Integrating Google Site Kit

**Notice** Before You Begin You Must Have Google Business Profile!

 Before connecting your website you must set up a google business account and have a google business listing. Head to and type in google business account set up to get started with creating your google business account before trying to link your website.

Step 1. Sign into your website administrator dashboard.

Step 2. Click on “Plugins” located on the left side of the dashboard.

Step 3. Click on Add New Plugin

Step 4. Search for “ Google Site Kit”

Step 5. Click Install Google Site Kit

Step 6. Click “Activate Plugin”

Step 7. Open Google Site Kit Plug In and follow step by step instructions.


**Say yes to google so they can say yes to your business. Agree and Accept. Do Not add “google-adsense” account unless you want your competitors advertising on your website and potentially blocking important content you want your site traffic to see.  

Step 8. Wait 30-60 days to see the analytics. And have immediate access from your website dashboard without having to go into your google analytics account. 

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