The Biggest Collection Of Money Saving Tactics For Small Businesses

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     We’ve never met before, so allow me to introduce myself:

My name is Christopher Lengyel and I’m the President of a company called LHS Consulting ( 

We help companies scale to millions by building their internal business processes, creating their marketing, & providing business direction to help support their revenue goals.

Over the last 8 years we’ve worked with 100’s of companies and I’ve seen the myriad of ways business owners save money. 

(All of which I’ve carefully notated & documented into a massive word document.) 

This year I opened it up and realized… I’ve assembled the biggest collection of ways for a small business owner to save money.

So I figured a great way to expand our business (and help yours) was to offer this giant collection of money saving tactics to you! 

That way…

You Can Save 1000’s (If Not Tens Of Thousands Of Dollars)

Every Month! 

If that doesn’t sound too bad, here’s a little bit of what’s inside:

  • 10 weird (but totally legal) write offs to save 1000’s of dollars every year on your taxes (thank my accountant for this one.)
  • Use this backwards way to reduce your refunds by at least 50% every month (while simultaneously increasing your sales numbers.)
  • An overlooked way to save money on your electric & water bill (this will cut at least $100-$500 from your bills every month.)
  • How to make your advertising costs 100% free (even if the advertisement itself totally flopped.)
  • How to get your employees good healthcare… without paying massive premiums. (This includes vision & dental.)
  • Add this one thing to your homepage to make your website pay for itself. (You’ll be kicking yourself you didn’t do this years ago.)
  • How to mail out 100,000 postcards for free- including postage. (We use this for our clients all the time, and it’s probably the biggest offline money maker we have.) 
  • Having problems ranking on google, google maps, and on social media? Here’s how to get your customers to leave more reviews without bribing them.
  • The fastest way to remove bad reviews from yelp, google & any other platform.
  • How to get your own product line for cheaper than your wholesaler. (Which you are then free to charge more for it. Thank us later.)
  • An easy way to restore your businesses credit in less than a year (I do this for every client we take on.)
  • Have a problem with chargebacks? Have your customers do this one thing and never have a problem with the bank again.
  • How to keep employees off their phone and back to work 
  • Say these 5 words to get wholesalers to cut you a discount on products. (This can be anywhere between 5-25%)


Now listen, this is just a fraction of what’s inside this report. 

And since this is the first time you’ve ever done business with Commission Based Marketing (LHS Consulting INC.), I’m going to do my best to overdeliver. 

So, not only am I going to give you the biggest collection of money saving tactics…

…I’m also going to include 2 bonuses with it.


Bonus #1: Hidden Business Assets.

Every business I partner with has 1000’s of dollars they’re leaving on the table, month after month. 

All I do as a consultant is grab it, and voila! My services are paid for. 

So instead of making you fork over $5000 per month for me to find them, I will ’m going to show you where these are in my special report: Hidden Business Assets.

Bonus #2: How To Market Your Business For Free

In this report, I will show you how to expand your business without paying a bloody red cent in ads. 

I’ll cover:

  • SEO
  • Organic Social Media

That way you can expand your business to it’s fullest potential before you start spending money in paid ads. 

But listen, because I want to earn your business I’ll give you the only guarantee I would find confidence in. 


These Reports Are 100% Guaranteed For 365 Days

That way you can use ALL of the money saving tactics… 

You can find ALL of the hidden business assets AND… 

You’ll be able to reap the benefits of marketing your business for free.

And listen, if for some reason (or no reason at all) you would like a refund, just email me personally at  and I’ll make sure you get a refund in 24 hours. (Or if you prefer to call me, you can reach me at: 480-749-4840)

So here’s everything you’re getting today:

  • The Biggest Collection Of Money Saving Tactics (Worth $999)
  • Hidden Business Assets (Worth $5000)
  • How to Market Your Business For Free (Worth $497)
  • 365 Day Money Back Guarantee


Which Is A Total Value of $6,496


But you can get everything I just listed for $37.99.


All you have to do is click on the checkout form and get the files sent immediatly! 

After you put your regular order details in, you’ll receive an email from our system that contains the reports. 


You are literally 60 seconds away from saving $1,000’s of dollars a year. 

I’ll see you on the other side,


Chris Lengyel,

President Of LHS Consulting (Commission Based Marketing)