Tracking Sales

Accountability is of utmost importance with our commission based marketing plans. We implement back end tracking mechanisms to ensure each sale generated by our team is logged and accounted for. 


Tracking Sales With Commission Based Marketing

Between Google Analytics, Pixel, and a variety of other tools that can be used to track sales, we introduce a variety of resouces to ensure accountability. Choose from one of 3 ways that will ensure every one gets the reward that is deserved. 

Transparent Financial Transactions.

Our Accountants Work Together

Weekly & Monthly Reports


Why choose us

In a results only relationship, accountability is a mandatory requirement. This is how you know our campaigns are successful while we know we recieved the reward for bringing success. 

The best way for this to take place is your accountant and our accountant work together based on data that we mutually agree to send weekly and monthly. 

The next best, is for us to handle the financial income from campaigns we initiate and send you the profit minus our commission which is calculated  off of the Gross Profit.

(EX: If we generate you $100,000 in sales and you signed our annual plan 10%. You would be paying us $10,000 for that month.)

Either way, we want you to feel comfortable with how the financial transactions take place. 

We handle Billing Options Together

Finances Handled By Accountants

Shared Document Tracking

Automatic System Tracking