Why Choose Us?

Commission Based Marketing is the only way profits have accountability.


Results Drive Success

Our team is confident that our messaging, ad placement and automated marketing systems will help drive the results you want to see. 


1.You pay us when you see sales
2. You controll the marketing budget and spending.
3. Commission only agreements avaliable: Month to Month (20%) , 6 Month (15%) & 12 month (10%) 




We evaluate your current baseline, and generate milestone goals that our team can reach. Within our service, you recieve a complimentary business evalutation to determine how to serve you best. 


We advertise as if we were your company. No one will ever know that we did it for you… unless you want to give us a testimonial!

Creative Team

With a comnbined 30 + years of experience in business, media, advertising, copywriting and general business development Chris and Ed are ready to help your company scale and grow! For companies with existing systems, enjoy the commission based marketing agreement. For companies that need a system, we bill all service related hours at $100/hour. These services include, SEO, Web Development & CopyWriting.

Christopher Lengyel

Christopher Lengyel


Ed Phillips

Ed Phillips